Monday, February 28, 2011

Buffett's 'Trigger Finger Is Itchy' for Takeovers at Berkshire

Warren Buffett, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg Feb. 9 (Bloomberg) -- David Brooks, a partner at Wyvern Partners, talks about the..

Buffett's 'Trigger Finger Is Itchy' for Takeovers at Berkshire

Oscars 2011: Backstage with Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, Melissa Leo ...

Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesThe Academy Awards press room is a fascinating microcosm of the movie industry, and the press that covers it....Oscars 2011: Backstage with Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, Melissa Leo ...

Rebels "down" Libyan aircraft, governments discuss next move

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Rebels downed a military aircraft on Monday as they fought a government bid to take back Libya's third city, Misrata, a witness said, while foreign ministers discussed how to help them oust Muammar Gaddafi.Rebels "down" Libyan aircraft, governments discuss next move

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pennsylvania mom in duct-taped toddler case released on bail

New York (CNN) -- A Pennsylvania woman, jailed after a photo surfaced of her 2-year-old daughter duct taped to a chair, has been granted bail, according to Delaware County court officialsPennsylvania mom in duct-taped toddler case released on bail 

Museum launches interactive online timeline of 9/11 attacks

NEW YORK (Reuters) - An interactive timeline chronicling the September 11, 2001 attacks hour-by-hour went online on Wednesday, with a fast-forward button to skip any video or audio accounts too disturbing for the visitMuseum launches interactive online timeline of 9/11 attacks

New Zealand earthquake rescue efforts now in full swing

With the New Zealand earthquake death toll now at 98, authorities have mounted the country's largest-ever rescue operation in a bid to save as many of the 226 missing people as they canNew Zealand earthquake rescue efforts now in full swing 

UK court approves extradition of WikiLeaks' Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange speaks after his extradition hearing at Belmarsh Magistrates' Court in London February 11, 2011.UK court approves extradition of WikiLeaks' Assange 

Gaddafi to address residents of west Libya town

DUBAI Feb 24 (Reuters) - Libya's leader Muammar Gaddafi will "shortly" address residents of the town of Az-Zawiyah, 50 km (30 miles) west of the capital Tripoli, Al-Arabiya television reported on Thursday

Gaddafi to address residents of west Libya town

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Iran Warships Enter Suez Canal on Syria Trip, Egypt State-Run Agency Says

Two Iranian warships have begun crossing the Suez Canal as Israel stressed its objection to their planned voyage to Syria. The ships entered the canal early today after the approval of Egypt's 


Charlie Sheen -- Angry Over 'Major League' Snub

Charlie Sheen's wish for another "Major League" movie isn't just a pipedream -- producers have been working on a script for more than a year

Charlie Sheen -- Angry Over 'Major League' Snub

Quake hotline set up

A telephone number has been set up to deal with those people concerned about the whereabouts of friends and family. Callers to the line will be asked to provide details of those missing including the location the person was thought to be at the time of .

Quake hotline set up

One Dead, 23 Hurt in Calif. Church Bus Crash

| AP Feb. 21: An injured victim from a school bus accident is loaded into the back of an ambulance. PASADENA, Calif. -- A bus carrying members of a Korean church collided with another vehicle and slid off a mountain highway, killing the driver and ...One Dead, 23 Hurt in Calif. Church Bus Crash

Flamboyant Gaddafi fights for survival

LONDON (Reuters) - With his penchant for bedouin tents and heavily armed female bodyguards, along with a readiness to execute his opponents, Muammar Gaddafi has cut a disturbing figure as Libya's leader for more than 40 

Flamboyant Gaddafi fights for survival

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pirates Hijack Four Americans

The United States says it is assessing possible responses after Somali pirates hijacked a yacht with four Americans on board. The Associated Press reported the boat was hijacked in the Arabian sea off the coast of Somalia on February 18....more

The Quran Is Our Law; Jihad Is Our Way

'Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." So goes the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood.

What's extraordinary about this maxim is the succinct way that it captures the political dimension of Islam. Even more extraordinary is the capacity of these five pillars of faith to attract true believers. But the most remarkable thing of all is the way the Brotherhood's motto seduces Western liberals....More

Japanese media divided on ending whaling

Japanese newspapers are divided on whether the nation should continue its whaling program after calling off a mission this season due to harassment by militant environmentalists.more

China postpones planned execution of Filipinos

Jejomar Binay (pictured in June 2010) will appeal to the Chinese government for clemency for three Filipinos. Beijing, China (CNN) -- China postponed Friday the planned execution of three Filipinos, following a visit to Beijing by..more

Threat Of Shutdown Looms Large Over Budget Debate

Audio for this story from Weekend Edition Saturday will be available at approx. 12:00 pm ET House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, shown at a Thursday news conference, has done little to tamp down speculation about a 
government shutdown..more

Friday, February 18, 2011

'Baby stealer' indicted

The "fake mom" accused of snatching a newborn from a Manhattan hospital and raising the girl as her own was indicted yesterday on a federal kidnapping charge...more

IBM Says Watson Jeopardy Win is Just the Begining

After defeating human competition in two Jeopardy! quiz show matches, IBM's Watson computer is ready to move on to bigger and better things..more

Father in toxic truck case charged with attempted murder of son

(CNN) -- A Florida exterminator whose dead daughter and injured son were found in his truck has been charged with attempted murder, and police were searching his Miami home Thursday night, police said....More

FDA OKs Lap-Band Surgery for More Patients

Allergan Inc. has announced that the FDA has approved the Lap-Band Adjustable Gastric Banding (LBAGB) System for obese adults with at least one obesity-related medical condition..more

Yemen Protesters Face Off for 8th Day

SANA, Yemen - Pro-government demonstrators armed with sticks ran down rivals calling for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Friday, breaking up the show of dissent as the country's turmoil went into an eighth day..More

Britney Spears' Manager Explains: Why Jonas Akerlund?

'Jonas did 'Ray of Light' for Madonna, and that's when [Britney] became a fan of his,' Larry Rudolph tells MTV News of 'Hold It Against Me' director..more

Wis. Protesters Buoyed by Delay on Anti-Union Bill

AP Protestors to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's bill to eliminate collective bargaining rights for many state workers pack the rotunda at the State Capitol in Madison, Wis.Wis. Protesters Buoyed by Delay on Anti-Union Bill

Thousands Attend Funerals of Protests Victims in Bahrain

AP Thousands of mourners have gathered in villages outside Bahrain's capital, Manama, to bury the victims of Thursday's crackdown on anti-government protests.more

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Angry Demonstrations in Wisconsin as Cuts Loom

MADISON, Wis. - As four game wardens awkwardly stood guard, protesters, scores deep, crushed into a corridor leading to the governor's office here on Wednesday, their screams echoing through the Capitol: “Come out, come out, wherever you are


Google thumbs nose at Apple with cheaper subscription service

Google's launched its own digital newspaper subscription service just a day after Apple - and it will cost publishers only a third as much...more

Being short cuts you from cancer, diabetes

You might curse your genes for being really short but not anymore, thanks to a study, which suggests that lack of 
growth hormone activity may protect abnormally short people from cancer and diabetes.


Spanish whispers on Microsoft and Nokia

MWC Once the condition of offspring has been established, and the second round is on the table, conversation in Barcelona quickly turns what everyone expects of Nokia's deal with Redmond..more

4 Dead in Bahrain Crackdown

Riot police stormed the main square in Bahrain's capital, Manama, early Thursday, driving out thousands of demonstrators who had set up camp demanding sweeping political change for the island kingdom.


Arrest made in case of stolen US military laptops

AP Report TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - Investigators say they've cracked the case of the 3000 stolen military laptops in Tampa that were headed to US Special Operations Command.more

Florida woman pleads not guilty to childrens' murder

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida (Reuters) - A Florida woman pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to the execution-style killings of her two teen-age children last month.more 

Man with shotgun kills deputy US marshal

CHARLESTON - A deputy US marshal was killed and two others were wounded when a drug suspect opened fire on them with a shotgun and then was shot dead, authorities said.more 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hunton & Williams Linked to Hacked E-Mail Affair

Pro-WikiLeaks hackers have publicly exposed almost 70000 e-mails from a private data security firm seeking to do business with Bank of America, the US Chamber of Commerce, and Hunton & Williams, as detailed in recent stories by The Washington Post and ....More

US, South Korea Announce Major Military Exercises

The United States and South Korea say they will begin a new round of joint military exercises later this month. Officials said Tuesday the annual exercises, code-named Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, will begin February 28 and run through April.more

Egypt Asks US To Freeze Former Officials' Assets

The Egyptian government has requested that the US Treasury seize the assets of a number of Egyptian individuals, though so far that list does not include former President Hosni Mubarak, The Wall Street Journal reported....more

Italian PM Berlusconi faces Ruby sex charge trial

Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi has been indicted to stand trial on charges of paying for sex with an under-age prostitute and abuse of power.Italian PM Berlusconi faces Ruby sex charge trial

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fight for a World Without Coal

The writer and philosopher Wendell Berry, armed with little more than a copy of William Shakespeare's “The Tempest” and his conscience, has been camped out for three days with a handful of other activists in the governor's outer office ...Fight for a World Without Coal

North American birders prepare for annual count

AP PROVIDENCE, NY - Birders in the snowy Northeast expect to see fewer robins while those in the Southwest will be watching for migrating sandhill cranes as thousands of citizen-scientists across North America get out their tally sheets for the 13th ...more

Pipeline 'imperfection' being investigated in gas explosion

By NewsCore ALLENTOWN - Authorities probing a gas explosion that killed five people in Allentown last week were focusing Sunday on an "imperfection" in a pipeline near the site of the accident.more 

Romance that fueled Maksim Gelman's bloody rampage was in his mind, friends of ...

The relationship that supposedly drove lovelorn Maksim Gelman's bloody rampage was a figment of his imagination, friends of the woman he obsessed over said Sunday.more

Britons scoop awards at Grammys

British stars Muse, La Roux and Jeff Beck have scooped awards at the Grammys - where Lady Gaga hatched from a giant egg. Muse won the rock album gong for The Resistance, while London duo La Roux took home best electronic/dance album for their

Britons scoop awards at Grammys

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Drinking Diet Soda Is Unsafe, Linked To Heart Attack, Stroke

Washington (SmartAboutHealth) - New research has found that drinking diet soda may actually be unsafe, increasing you risk of suffering cardiac events such as heart attacks or strokes

Drinking Diet Soda Is Unsafe, Linked To Heart Attack, Stroke

Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer: Grand Theft, My A** |

Lindsay Lohan's Lawyer: Grand Theft, My A** | "Lindsay Lohan's lawyer says her client is innocent -- but that aside, the necklace in question isn't valuable enough to trigger a felony grand theft charge."

Health care sign-ups lag | The News-Press |

Health care sign-ups lag | The News-Press | "A six-month-old federal insurance program for people with pre-existing medical conditions has grown modestly but nowhere near initial Obama administration predictions, new government figures show."

China denies rumours of losing $450 bn in Fannie, Freddie debt

BEIJING: China's foreign exchange regulator has refuted media reports that the country may lose up to $ 450 billion by holding bonds of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the US mortgage giants, which according to speculation may be phased out by the US....more

Fresh protest clashes rock Yemen

Hundreds of demonstrators have clashed with police in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on the third day of anti-government protests. Violence broke out as demonstrators marched through the city, demanding political reform and the resignation of President Ali...Fresh protest clashes rock Yemen

Father charged with murder in boys' deaths

A father stabbed his three young boys and himself multiple times and then tried to blame the crimes on the boyfriend of the children's mother, Gwinnett County police said Saturday...more

Brooklyn man goes on killing spree -

Brooklyn man goes on killing spree - "A knife-wielding madman went on a wild killing spree that spilled blood across Brooklyn after he flew into a rage because his stepfather refused to let him drive the family Lexus, authorities said.

Maksim Gelman, a 23-year-old druggie and 'street punk,' allegedly stabbed his 54-year-old stepdad to death in the early-morning hours yesterday in their Sheepshead Bay apartment and sped off in the luxury car."

Police: Taxi cab hits crowd outside San Diego club -

Police: Taxi cab hits crowd outside San Diego club - "(CNN) -- The driver of a taxi cab that plowed into nightclub patrons in San Diego's popular Gaslamp district, injuring two dozen people, was roughed up by the angry crowd, authorities said Saturday."

Federal Eye - Federal Budget 2012: What to watch for

Federal Eye - Federal Budget 2012: What to watch for: "Monday's anticipated release of President Obama's proposed 2012 budget launches in earnest a growing debate between the White House and Congress over government spending. The exchange should continue through the spring, as lawmakers first attempt to settle funding levels for fiscal 2011 before shifting to the next fiscal year."

Gulf Stocks Gain On Egypt Mubarak Departure; Growth Hopes Return -

Gulf Stocks Gain On Egypt Mubarak Departure; Growth Hopes Return - "DUBAI (Zawya Dow Jones)--Stocks in the Persian Gulf region rose modestly Sunday as investors gave a thumbs up to the resignation of Egypt's president amid hopes that improved political stability in the region will boost economic growth."

Friday, February 11, 2011

Group Wants KKK Founder Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on License Plate

The Mississippi division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had its first specialty license plate approved in 2002. The plate has remained the same for eight years, until this year when the group proposed five new designs to commemorate ...Group Wants KKK Founder Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on License Plate

Robbery suspect killed in hostage drama

A three-hour standoff at a bank in the United States ended abruptly when police shot and killed the armed suspect as he led a hostage through the car park with a gun to her head.Robbery suspect killed in hostage drama

Report: Blockbuster plans to put itself up for sale

NEW YORK (AP) — Blockbuster plans to put itself up for sale after a disagreement with its creditors, according to a Wall Street Journal report....more

Lindsay Lohan addresses theft charge on Twitter

Just two days after being charged with felony grand theft, Lindsay Lohan took to her Twitter to address the accusations that she stole a $2500 necklace from a store in Venice, Calif.

Lindsay Lohan addresses theft charge on Twitter

Ahmadinejad: Egyptian protests herald new Mideast

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's president said Friday that Egypt's popular uprising shows a new Islamic Middle East is emerging, one that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims will have no signs of Israel and US "interference

Ahmadinejad: Egyptian protests herald new Mideast

Egypt protests heat up as army endorses Mubarak

Thousands of protesters converged in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, on Friday, continuing to demand that President Hosni Mubarak step down despite his pledge to stay

Egypt protests heat up as army endorses Mubarak

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oil and gas firms hit by hackers

Hackers have run rampant through the networks of at least five oil and gas firms for years, reveals a report. Compiled by security firm McAfee, it details the methods and techniques the hackers used to gain access

Oil and gas firms hit by hackers

Cisco View Sparks Early Selling

US stock futures were still signaling weakness at Thursday's open as not even a surprise tumble in weekly unemployment claims could trump concerns about a tepid forecast from tech bellwether Cisco Systems and a sharply stronger dollar....Cisco View Sparks Early Selling

Study vindicates UCSF fetal spine surgery

About 21 weeks into her pregnancy, Heather Giovanola's baby was diagnosed with spina bifida, and Thomas - now a healthy, active 3 1/2-year-old - had fetal surgery about three weeks later...Study vindicates UCSF fetal spine surgery

Faster Forward: Verizon iPhone in stores today

The Verizon iPhone went on sale at 7 am today, nationwide. Verizon employees handed out handwarmers and hats to customers waiting in line for the new version of the iPhone 4. Tweets indicated that while some Maryland and Virginia...Faster Forward: Verizon iPhone in stores today

Was Lindsay Lohan's dress appropriate for court?

"Look around this room. Everybody else has to follow the law," judge Keith Schwartz told Lindsay Lohan on Wednesday in court..Was Lindsay Lohan's dress appropriate for court?

Gas-Line Fire Kills One in Pennsylvania

AP ALLENTOWN, Pa.—A natural-gas explosion rocked a downtown neighborhood overnight, leveling two houses and 
spawning fires that burned for hours through a row of homes..Gas-Line Fire Kills One in Pennsylvania

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

North and South Korea military talks collapse

Relations between North and South Korea appeared to be improving when the two sides agreed to hold talks on the possible revival of attempts to reunite families separated during the Korean war...more

11 Muslim Student Union members charged with disrupting Israeli ambassador's ...

Orange County DA charges the students with conspiring to disrupt a meeting. The university has already suspended the organization and disciplined the students.more

Missouri executes man for rape and murder of girl

ST. LOUIS (Reuters) - Missouri executed by lethal injection a 47-year-old man early on Wednesday for the 1991 murder, rape and kidnapping of an 11-year-old St. Louis girl..more

Father of murdered teens says they lived their lives with purpose

The father of those two murdered Florida teenagers spoke about his love for them at Tuesday's memorial service. Army Col. Parker Schenecker stopped short of mentioning the..more 

Some snow-buried states brace for another round

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - Struggling to dig out from a snow storm that buried the nation's midsection last week, several states in the South and Midwest closed schools and warned residents to stay home Wednesday as another blizzard moved in.more

Portions of Patriot Act die in the House

WASHINGTON (AP) - The House on Tuesday failed to extend the life of three surveillance tools that are key to the 
nation's post-Sept

Portions of Patriot Act die in the House

Muslim Brotherhood: 'We are not seeking power'

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- The Muslim Brotherhood said Wednesday it will promote democracy in Egypt but does not intend to field a candidate for president

Muslim Brotherhood: 'We are not seeking power'

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AmeriCorps fraud seldom followed up

The watchdog over AmeriCorps has told Congress that he has found a pattern of fraud in the service program but prosecutors won't pursue the ...more


Congresswoman Jane Harman announced her resignation from the U.S. House of Representatives on February 7, 2011. A leading expert on terrorism, homeland security, and foreign affairs, Representative Harman will become the next president of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C.....more

Chechen warlord Doku Umarov claims Moscow airport bom

One of Russia's most wanted men, Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, has said he ordered the deadly bomb attack last month on a Moscow airport...more

Massive police search for missing Swiss twins

Italian, Swiss and French police were searching for missing six-year-old twin girls who disappeared after their father died in an apparent suicide in southern Italy...more 

Female gym teacher accused of sex acts with football players

MASON — A female Mason high school gym teacher is accused of having sexual misconduct with five students, most of them football players at the school.more

The story, stars behind the Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl ad

In just 2 minutes, Chrysler lit a fire under its reputation, made hardworking Detroit feel cool again -- Yes, Eminem is ours! -- and turned a handful of locals into overnight celebrities....More

Talks Between Koreas Proceeding in 'Serious' Manner

South Korean officials say military talks with North Korea are moving forward in a "serious" atmosphere and without political posturing...more

Middle East Mass protests continue in Egypt

Pro-democracy supporters hold fresh rallies in Cairo, just hours after the release of a detained Google executive. Protesters in the Egyptian capital are holding mass demonstrations, with a new wave of optimism reaching the pro-democracy camp following...more

Monday, February 7, 2011

Christina Aguilera's National Anthem Fumble at the Super Bowl

Feb 6: Christina Aguilera sings the national anthem before the NFL football Super Bowl XLV game between withe Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday in Arlington, Texas....more

AOL acquires Huffington Post

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- AOL, the online media company that has recently snatched several smaller content firms, has agreed to purchase news blog service The Huffington Post for $315 million, the two companies announced Monday....more

College student fatally shot at Ohio frat house

AP YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - A day after a college student was shot dead at an Ohio fraternity house and 11 people were wounded, the governor, college officials and friends were hoping to find some explanation for the violence...more 

Thai and Cambodian Troops Clash Over Temple

THNAL BEK, Cambodia - Refugees clustered around cooking fires at a schoolhouse here as Cambodia and Thailand prepared for the possibility of further violence after a fourth day of shelling on Monday at their disputed border.more 

Assange extradition hearing opens in London

LONDON - The extradition trial of Julian Assange, the mastermind behind the WikiLeaks Web site, opened on Monday with the 39-year old Australian placidly watching from the plaintiff's bench as his lawyers argued against ..more

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Palin event canceled due to 'an onslaught of personal attacks'

Former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was scheduled to speak at an event for a Colorado nonprofit group May 2, but the event was canceled the day after it was announced due to "an onslaught of ...more 

Uproar in Houston after video shows police beating 15-year-old suspect

Houston's mayor and police department were on the defensive Friday, two days after graphic video came out showing several police repeatedly kicking and beating a 15-year-old burglary suspect as he lay on the ground.more 

Train derailment, fire forces Ohio evacuations

ARCADIA, Ohio (AP) - A freight train carrying volatile chemicals derailed about 50 miles south of Toledo Sunday morning, causing at least 15 tanker cars to catch fire and explode and forcing evacuations of nearby homes, a fire official said.more 

Reports: Iran Opens Trial of US Hikers Accused of Spying

Masoud Shafii, the Iranian lawyer of three detained American hikers speaks with a Reuters correspondent at his office in Tehran, February 5, 2011.

Reports: Iran Opens Trial of US Hikers Accused of Spying

Egypt opposition says govt meeting inconclusive

CAIRO: Egyptian opposition groups said on Sunday a meeting with Vice President Omar Suleiman was positive but had done nothing specific to meet their demands for a complete political overhaul in Egypt.

Egypt opposition says govt meeting inconclusive

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Murder suspect, officer die in Fla. gun battle

AP / February 3, 2011 GRITNEY, Fla. - One corrections officer was killed and another wounded yesterday in a gun battle with an ex-convict suspected of killing his parents, state officials said....more 

Health Police Strike Again? NY Bans Smoking OUTSIDE

(CBS) Depending on how you see things, either the health police have gone off the deep end or park-loving New Yorkers are about to breathe a whole lot easier....more

Bitter cold, power outages follow in wake of massive winter storm

By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) -- Bitter cold temperatures plunged into Texas and the Deep South on Thursday as a massive winter storm exited the United States for the Canadian Maritimes...more 

Giffords' husband: 'Maybe it was fate' - On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2012 Election -

Mark Kelly, the husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, delivered the closing prayer at the National Prayer Breakfast today and offered a few words about his wife's recoveryGiffords' husband: 'Maybe it was fate' - On Politics: Covering the US Congress, Governors, and the 2012 Election -

Google gambles $20,000 that Chrome can’t be hacked

Google is ready to put its money where its mouth is. The company is offering $20000 to any hacker that can exploit Chrome at the Pwn2Own contest.Google gambles $20,000 that Chrome can’t be hacked

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NYC ice storm causes travel headaches

AP NEW YORK - An ice storm in New York's metropolitan area is causing headaches for travelers. North of the city, Metro-North railroad reported delays of up to 25 minutes on its New Haven line due to crowded trains and weather-related equipment ..more 

"Jihad Jane" Pleads Guilty in Pa.

(CBS/AP) Colleen LaRose, the woman who called herself "Jihad Jane" online, pleaded guilty Tuesday to her role in a plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist who had offended Muslims.more

Snowfall triggers hundreds of canceled flights at Metro Airport

A stormy night at Coney Island: I spent the night at American Coney Island in Detroit to talk to workers and other people stranded in the ...more 

Violence in Egypt as foes, supporters of Hosni Mubarak clash

Fighting erupts in Tahrir Square as anti-government demonstrators and supporters of President Hosni Mubarak throw rocks and brandish clubs...more

Transportation Stymied as Storm Marches Eastward

CHICAGO — A ferocious winter storm continued to barrel eastward across the United States on Wednesday morning, snarling travel by road, air and rail as it blanketed wide swaths from the Great Plains to the Midwest in deep snow and left a brittle skin of ice over large sections of the Northeast.more

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cyclone exodus gains sense of urgency

Tens of thousands of people in far north Queensland are on the move as evacuation plans ahead of Cyclone Yasi gain a sense of urgency.more

Pakistani judge blocks move to release US consular employee

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A Pakistani judge ordered the government Tuesday not to hand over to American authorities a US consular employee accused of killing two Pakistanis who allegedly tried to rob him...more 

Why fear the Arab revolutionary spirit? | Slavoj Žižek | Comment is free |

What cannot but strike the eye in the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt is the conspicuous absence of Muslim fundamentalism. In the best secular democratic tradition, people simply revolted against an oppressive regime, its corruption and poverty, ..Why fear the Arab revolutionary spirit? | Slavoj Žižek | Comment is free |

Mubarak’s Grip on Power Is Shaken

CAIRO — The government of Egypt’s authoritarian president, Hosni Mubarak, shook Monday night, as the Egyptian Army declared that it would not use force against protesters demanding his ouster and, in an apparent response, Mr. Mubarak’s most trusted adviser offered to talk with the opposition.more